Clash Royale Update | Balance Changes, New Arena & Many

Clash Royale update always grow interests in the gaming community. Clash Royale APK is popular with its gamers for its regular updates and dynamicity. Over the years, Supercell has introduced several updates to the Clash Royale gaming community, and some of the updates have changed the Clash Royale gameplay forever.

In the latest update, Supercell has introduced season 12 to the gamers. They’re calling this update as the Prince’s Dream. In this Clash Royale new update APK, Clash Royale players will be introduced to changes like new pass Royale, troop cards, Clash arena, and many more. This update is undoubtedly one of the most significant updates in the Clash Royale history.

Clash Royale Update

What’s in the Clash Royale Update?

New Pass Royale

In the latest update, gamers will be introduced to a new pass Royale. Every month Clash Royale introduces a new pass Royale to the gamers. After achieving certain milestones, you’ll get these pass Royale, and rewards. You can buy these pass Royale with real-life currency, or you can get them for free. When you buy the Pass Royale, rewards and bonuses will be higher. On the other hand, when you use the Pass Royale for free, rewards and bonuses will be less, and you’ll have to depend on your luck too.

In the Clash Royale new update APK, you’ll get 70 reward tiers. Out of these 70 reward tiers, 35 rewards are free, and to get the rest of the rewards, you’ll have to buy packs from the store.

When you buy the reward tier pass Royale packs from the store, you’ll definitely get one legendary chest box. Also, you’ll get 40,000 Gold and a bonus bank Gold, where you can receive up to 10,000 Gold. That means if luck is with you, you can earn total 50,000 Gold from one Clash Pass Royale pack.

There’re other benefits of using Clash Pass Royale. When you open the pack in the Clash Royale APK new update, you’ll get 6 Lightning Chest Box, 4 Epic Pass Royale Lightning Chest Box, and 3 Rare Pass Lightning Chest Box. Besides, you’ll get 4 trade cards and 7 strike cards which you can use to replace cards that you don’t want or like.

If you don’t have a Pass Royale in the Clash Royale APK new update, you can still unlock new rewards and bonuses. You’ll get 34 crown chest boxes that contain Gold, Gems, and troop cards. Again, if you’re in the level 6 or above, you’ll definitely get a Legendary Chest Box where chances of getting rare and epic cards are higher.

 Balanced Gameplay

In the Clash Royale APK new update, Supercell has standardized the troop deployment time, Prince, Earthquake, and Royale delivery.

You’ll find the Prince stronger in the Clash Royale update as the hit point has increased by 3%. That means your Prince is stronger than ever, and you can use the Prince as your main troop card.

Supercell has also brought change to the lifetime of the Bomb Tower. In previous updates, its lifetime was 35 seconds. But in the Clash Royale APK new update, it’ll be 25 seconds.

Bomb Tower is very effective when it comes to defending. With Bomb Tower, you can destroy the enemy attack within a few seconds. But to bring balance in the game and make the game more competitive, Supercell brought this change in the Clash Royale new update APK. However, Bomb Tower is still effective in the Clash Royale APK game, and you can use it as a defensive card.

Royale Delivery is one of the popular cards in the Clash Royale APK. But in the latest update, its damage power has been reduced by 10%. That means it’s less effective now, but still, it has the capability to destroy Wizards and Musketeers.

New Card­­­

It’s a tradition in the Clash Royale that players will be introduced to at least one new troop card when a new season starts. Following this tradition, Supercell has introduced a new troop card- Skeleton Dragon in the latest Clash Royale update APK.

Skeleton Dragon is unlockable in the Arena 10 or the Hog Mountain. To use this card in the battle, you’ll have to spend 4 Elixirs. Also, this card is very common, and once you get this card, you can upgrade it easily.

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Massive Earthquake Spell update for balanced gameplay

Supercell has made massive changes in the Earthquake spell. In the Clash Royale APK new update, movement slow effect has been increased to 50% from 35%. Also, Supercell has removed the attack speed slow effect. That means, you can use the earthquake spell more effectively, and with proper strategy, you can cause severe damage to your opponents.

Generally, Clash Royale players use a fast attack with an earthquake spell. This strategy helps the gamers because it makes the defenders slow and allows the fast troops like Hog Rider and Goblin to sneak through. With the latest Clash Royale update, this combination has become more lethal, and you can defeat the defenders easily than ever before.

Faster Troop Deployment

There’s a change in the troop deploy time in the latest Clash Royale update APK too. Previously, there’s no restriction about this. But in the latest Clash Royale update APK file, cards that have 2 or more than two troops will be deployed 0.1 seconds delay from one another. But this change won’t be applicable for Skeleton based cards.

In the latest Clash Royale update, Supercell has brought these changes to make the Clash Royale APK more enjoyable to the gamers. Also, these changes will definitely make the Clash Royale more competitive and balanced. The introduction of a new troop card will make the gamers think twice about their troop combination in the battle. The only way to survive and shine in the Clash Royale game is to make continuous changes in the troop combinations and make these updates work in your favor.