Clash Royale APK New Version: Everything You Need to Know

Clash Royale APK new version has already made a great impact on the overall gameplay of Clash Royale. In the new version of Clash Royale, players will notice the balanced gameplay. This will allow the players to enjoy their favorite Clash characters more. Also, players will be introduced to a new troop card – Skeleton Dragon. Again, some of the Clash Royale players were complaining that they’re stuck in the old arena, and they want some new flavor and theme in the game. Considering this, Supercell has introduced a new arena in the game, which will help the Clash Royale players change their flavor.

Apart from these changes in Clash Royale APK new version, there’s a new clash tower skin available in the game. Continue reading to know more about Clash Royale APK new version.

The Gameplay of Clash Royale APK

Clash Royale is the true successor of Clash of Clans, and this game has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the app store. In this game, players will have to collect their favorite Clash troop cards and combine them. If you want to reach the top, you’ll have to make a perfect troop combination and implement unique strategies in the battleground.

Again, you’ll have to upgrade your troops continuously. If you don’t upgrade your troops then with the same troop combination and strategy, but with upgraded troop cards, your opponents will rule over you. As a result, you won’t be able to win any battle and stuck in the game. That’s why you’ll have to participate in the PvP battles more and upgrade your troops.

Clash Royale APK New Version

Clash Royale APK is full of interesting Clash troop cards and spells. Some of the popular Clash troop cards are – Baby Dragon, Prince, Archer, PEKKA, Goblin, Hog Rider, and so on. Again, you can use spells like – earthquake spell, lightning spell, Poison spell, Tornado spell, etc. Each of these spell cards has unique abilities. For example, Lightning spell and poison spell will do heavy damage to the opposition troops. On the other hand, Tornado spell will reduce the speed of the opposition’s attack. You’ll have to use these spell cards and troop cards strategically to win battles. Also, you’ll have to be careful about the Elixir cost of each troop cards because lower the elixir cost is, the more you can deploy troops in the battleground. As a result, the chances of winning a battle will increase.

Features in Clash Royale APK New Version

1.   Introduction of New Troop Card: Skeleton Dragon

In Clash Royale APK new, players will be introduced to a new Clash troop card – Skeleton Dragon. To get this special troop card, you’ll have to reach the Arena 10 or the Hog Mountain. Attributes of this card are insane, and with this card, you can make a great impact on your overall offensive strategy. If you can properly use the Skeleton Dragon and put it in the right spot, you can destroy enemy attack within a second. Also, this card can be used as the trump card in the battle.

To use the Skeleton Dragon in the battle, you’ll have to spend 4 Elixirs. One of the biggest benefits of this troop card is that its cost is comparatively low compared to other Clash troop cards like PEKKA or Golem. Besides, this card is a very common card in Clash Royale APK new version. Once you get the card, you can easily upgrade the card to the max level.

Supercell has named Clash Royale APK new version “Prince’s Dream”. That means Prince will get a huge boost in the game. Yes, your guess is right. In Clash Royale last version APK, all the Price troop cards will get a boost. That means Prince will be stronger and more effective than ever. Considering all these changes, you should revise your troop strategy again and make a new combination of troop cards. But while making a new combination, don’t forget to include the new Clash troop card- Skeleton Dragon and Prince. These two troop cards can make a huge impact on the game and create a difference between winning and losing.

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2.   Overall Gameplay is More Balanced than Ever

To make Clash Royale APK more competitive to new and pro players, Supercell has made some huge changes to balance the gameplay. For example, in Clash Royale APK new, the lifetime of the Bomb Tower has been reduced to 25 seconds from 35 seconds. In previous versions, Bomb Tower alone could destroy the opponent’s attack. But in the latest version, the destructive attribute of the Bomb Tower has been reduced a bit.

As I mentioned earlier, Prince has got a boost in the latest version. That means the Prince is more lethal than ever, and with proper technique and strategy, Prince alone can destroy the enemy attack.

Like the Bomb Tower, Supercell has reduced the damage power of the Royale Delivery by 10%. But Royale Delivery will still be effective in Clash Royale APK new version.

Again, if you use spell cards in the battle, there’s good news for you. In the latest update, the damage power of the Earthquake spell has been increased to 50%. That means with earthquake spell, you can make your opponent retreat and counter-attack.

3.   Pass Royale

Supercell has made changes in Pass Royale too. In the Pass Royale, you can unlock 35 reward tiers for free. Also, at the end of the season, you’ll receive a legendary chest box.

But if you’re paid Clash Royale player, many rewards are waiting for you in the game. By unlocking the paid version of the Pass Royale, you’ll get all sorts of chest boxes full of new and exciting troop cards, spells, and Gems. With these Gems and new troop cards, you can reach to the top easily. However, if you want to unlock the paid version of the Pass Royale for free, you can download the Clash Royale APK Mod version. In the new Mod APK Clash version, you can unlock any items for free and have a unique experience.